About Us

Our goal at Blackfin Rods is to provide fisherman the finest fishing tools possible. Starting with handcrafted e-glass blanks, manufactured in our own facility, our rods are engineered to give the finest performance. Each blank is constructed¬† from premium resin impregnated fiberglass material that is manufactured in the United States. Using our propriety patterns, each blank is hand cut, rolled and cured on our premises. The completed blanks are carefully inspected for quality before we ever build a rod. We spline each blank during our assembly process so that each rod will bend according its natural curve. You don’t need to be fighting the rod when you should be fighting the fish.

When an order is processed there are certain steps followed. First the required blanks are pulled, splined and the tips are fitted to the blank. Then the lower portion of the rod is assembled which included gimbals, butt grips, slick butts or ferrules (in preparation for an aluminum butt) reel seats and fore grips. The rod then goes to our wrapping department. Our wrappers use only premium nylon guide thread to carefully complete the butt and guide wraps specified. We always underwrap and each guide is over wrapped twice.

All of the guides are meticulously aligned with the tip and reel seat to assure that the line will run parallel with the spline. At least two coats of epoxy are applied. Each coat requires four hours to set up and twenty-four hours to cure. Decals are placed on the rods in between coats of the epoxy.