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Shark Week Fishing Rod Sale

You've spent hours finding the perfect spot, chumming the water, and casting your line with a Blackfin saltwater fishing rod. But just as you're about to reel in the prize, a stealthy shark comes out of nowhere and claims your catch, leaving nothing but a story and roller-coaster of emotion.

Seasoned anglers will tell you sharks certainly make saltwater fishing much more challenging. This phenomenon is all too familiar to fishermen and has earned these thieves the nickname "Tax Man." It can be pretty jarring, and no one forgets the first time they get taxed!

Sharks swoop in to snatch your catch after you've done all the work and leave without so much as a thank you!

Shark week fishing rod sale

This year for Shark Week, we're asking you to turn these frustrating moments into fun memories. While it might be tempting to grab a gaff and go for it in the heat of the moment, what we really want is photo evidence of your best "SharkBait" moments. 

Whether it's a close-up of a shark stealing your catch, an epic struggle between man and beast, a before-and-after of the battle scene, or your empty livewells — we want to see it all! Remember to use the hashtags #SharkWeekContest and #BlackfinRods when sharing your photos. 

The winning photo will also be featured on Blackfin Rods' website and social media, giving you bragging rights!