• Quick Stick Harpoon

    Quick Stick Harpoon

    The New Multi-Piece Blackfin Harpoon, made of solid anodized aluminum with a modified tip and quick 4 piece assembly makes it the most lethal harpoon with potential above all others.

  • Fin Series

    Fin Series

    The Fin series is our most accomplished piece of work at Blackfin. It is the foundation of this company along with the people that make these rods, piece by piece on a daily basis.

  • Phoenix Series

    Phoenix Series

    Our Phoenix series duplicates the Fin Series in design and components. We have chosen our most popular Fin Series rods and produced them with a white blank and unique butt wrap to produce a truly custom look.

  • Pro Pink Series

    Pro Pink Series

    The Pro Pink series is an evolution of the Fin series to better represent the population of Lady Anglers on the water. The rod is painted pink and given a different color thread.

  • Sandbar Series

    Sandbar Series

    The Sandbar series is a rod befitting of the classic look and feel of a high quality in-shore rod. The blank is made from twill graphite equipped with Fuji guides and a beautiful cork grip for a classical make.

  • Custom


    Blackfin prides itself on the versatility of our skill in being able to fulfill the multiple needs of our customers. A rod can be wrapped in a specific way, the rod can be painted, and decals can be added or changed.