The Best Fishing Rods for Catching Red Snapper

All About Red Snapper

You've seen it at seafood restaurants priced at an arm and a leg, and for good reason. Red Snapper is one of the more valued seafood options because of its slightly sweet flavor and firm, flaky texture. Its mild flavor makes it a great choice for a variety of dishes from fish tacos to grilled filets.

The fish itself only grows to about two or three feet but it can weigh up to 20 pounds if you're catching a more mature one. The short length and big body are just a couple of notable features, but the beautiful red color is perhaps most well-known. From the fin to the head, the fish is covered in a bright red hue that makes it stand out.

Anglers have been hunting down Red Snapper over the years for a number of reasons. For starters, the unique taste it has puts it at the top of the list for many seafood lovers. Home cooks and chefs alike prize the snapper for its delicate taste. Another reason fishermen love it is because of the fight it puts up. They are tough fish who use their weight to pull down on your line and drag your hook as far as possible until they get tired.

How To Catch Red Snapper

Hooking a Red Snapper will depend entirely on knowing the fish's habits and how it likes to feed. Snappers are known for living near the bottom of the ocean floor. Like most other fish, Snappers like hanging around structures like reefs, oil rigs, or shipwrecks that offer somewhere to hide from predators while also providing a home for other smaller fish that become prey.

They typically feed on what's hanging out at the bottom of the ocean. Smaller fish, shrimp, crab, worms, and octopus are all prime meals for a Red Snapper. A typical Snapper can live for about 50 years in the ocean.

Where to Find RedĀ Snapper

You'll mostly find Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico or the South Atlantic where the waters are deeper. They like hanging anywhere from about 30 feet to over 600 feet deep as long as there is a structure nearby. They also prefer warmer climates, so you won't find Snapper north of the Carolinas. In the Gulf of Mexico there are requirements on the minimum size you can catch as well as how many Snappers you can catch in a given day.

Best Rod to Catch Red Snapper

Blackfin Rods has curated a selection of high-quality fishing rods for Red Snapper that can withstand the challenge of the hard-fought game in open water. Ideally, you want a longer rod that is at least seven feet, but our selection goes as high as eight feet to fit your exact preference.

All of the premium rods for Snapper are specifically designed to fish the bottom of the ocean floor. They can reel in small or large Snapper with a line capacity of 20 to 50 pounds depending on the rod. The Blackfin Fin series, which has been a staple in our product lineup and has been tested as one of the best rods in the offshore market.

We only include top-of-the-line materials when creating each rod. Fiberglass blanks, Fuji guides, AFTCO, Stuart, and Winthrop butts all comprise one of the most durable and high-performing rods for Red Snapper. Each one has fast action so that you can feel every tug and bite deep down, providing a realistic feeling of fishing with gear that will last for years. Each one is made in the U.S. at our state-of-the-art facility in Hobe Sound.

Additional Red Snapper Fishing Gear

While a Red Snapper might not look very big, its weight can be misleading. Hauling a catch that size over the railing of your boat is a task not many are prepared for. Using one of our gaff sticks makes the process easy and painless when you hook on the fish and have a sturdy pole to put it up with. Our gaff sticks and hooks range in size to give you the exact combination you need.Ā 

Camera Sticks

Another must-have feature on the water is a way to capture every fishing moment to share with friends back home. Our fiberglass camera sticks are durable enough to handle the beating the sun and salt can have on your other gear. They are also compatible with most major camera mounts, making it easy to keep a hold of expensive equipment without it falling overboard.

To be fully present when catching a large Red Snapper you're going to need to battle nature's elements. Handling the sun's harsh rays or trying to keep your fingers from freezing off in winter are just more challenges that make fishing tough fun. At our sister company,Ā Glacier Outdoor, you'll find relaxing apparel that gives you the comfort of home right on the water. Sun hoods, fingerless gloves, convertible gloves, and sun hats are all available.

Why Choose Blackfin Rods

For more than 25 years, we've been innovating and creating the world's best fishing rods for saltwater and freshwater fish. We've also been committed to keeping our company focused on helping the people that have kept us in business all these years. Our products are proudly made right here in America and are hand-crafted for your perfection.

We take resin-impregnated fiberglass blanks and cut, roll, and cure them right in our own facility. We then inspect each blank to ensure the highest quality before sending them off to become the rod our customers have used reliably for years. We even include a process called splining that most manufacturers have given up on because it takes too much time. It helps your rod last longer by using its natural curves when bending.

Your satisfaction is our main focus and we're committed to bringing your the latest and greatest rods for onshore and offshore fishing. Try a Blackfin Rod and you'll see what everyone's talking about.

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