About us

S­­ince 1997, Blackfin Rods has been producing high quality American fishing rods in Florida. Blackfin prides itself in providing fisherman with the best fishing tools possible. Engineered to give the finest performance, Blackfin rods makes hand-crafted, American made fishing rods in the Blackfin facility in Hobe Sound, using a process that is rooted in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Blackfin Rods strive to be the most durable fishing rods on the water.

Blackfin fishing rods are created by skilled craftsmen and artisans from handcrafted e-glass blanks, constructed from premium resin impregnated fiberglass material. Using propriety techniques and patterns, each blank is hand cut, rolled and cured on site. The completed blanks are carefully inspected for quality before beginning to build each rod. Blackfin Rods spline each blank during the assembly process so that each rod will bend according to its natural curve. This is a process that very few manufacturing companies can testify to practicing.

Blackfin Rods offers a complete line of the best fishing rods today. The classic Fin series has been tested to boast some of the best rods in the offshore market. From the powerful durability of Blackfin Stand-Up Tuna rods to the sleek, low parabolic characteristic of Blackfin Circle Hook rods for Sailfish and Marlin; every Blackfin rod is designed to meet the highest standards.

Blackfin Rods top-of-the-line saltwater and freshwater fishing rods and industry-leading saltwater and freshwater fishing gear are sure to get you hooked on excellence.