In Hawaiin, Wahoo or Ono means delicious. Wahoo is a tropical pelagic fish that is found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Closely related to the king mackerel, the wahoo is highly sought after as a recreational fish because of its delicious flavor and fight to catch. The texture of the wahoo is mildly sweet with a firm and flaky texture. Often wahoo is served either raw, grilled, fried, or baked. Grilled wahoo has been said to have a chicken-like flavor.

Wahoo grow fast, but only have a lifespan of only about 9 years. They spawn year-round, often with several spawns in a year extending over long periods of time depending on the region they are in.

Wahoo are fierce fighters that give fishermen an exciting fight to get them boat side, but they are easily enticed by fast-moving, shiny, erratic swimming lures such as a Rapala diving plug. Fishermen will find wahoo from inshore waters all the way to well over 100 fathoms. That said, wahoo prefers 30-40 fathoms. They can tolerate cooler water down to around 65 degrees if there is warmer water nearby. Wahoo are most often found swimming in the Gulf Stream waters near structure.

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