Black Marlin fishing rods

Black Marlin

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Blackfin Rods Fin 88 Fishing Rod 6'6" Rod 20-30lb Line Weight Stand Up Rod Extra fast action Used for trolling for pelagic and billfish using J Hooks Also used for live bait hooks for bottom fishi...

Marlin fishing is recognized as the absolute pinnacle of all things saltwater fishing. Known for their size and the fishing fight they put up, black marlin are highly sought after. Black Marlin are found along the east coast from as far south as the Florida Keys and all the way up north to New Jersey. 

There is nothing quite like a hand-crafted fishing rod made specifically for black marlin fishing. A fishing rod that is specifically designed by marlin anglers for marlin anglers. Blackfin Rods has been making top-of-the-line fishing rods for trophy and tournament anglers since 1997, using top-quality blanks, guides, and thread to build a rod worthy of a million-dollar fish.

Blackfin offers a full line of exceptional and affordable marlin fishing rods.