American Made Fishing Rods

At Blackfin Rods, our goal is to provide fishermen with the finest ‘Made in America’ fishing tools. Starting with handcrafted e-glass blanks built within our own facility, our rods are engineered to give the finest performance. Each blank – constructed of premium resin and impregnated fiberglass material – is manufactured in the United States. Using our proprietary patterns, each blank is hand cut, rolled and cured on our premises. Rely on Blackfin Rods for industry-leading saltwater and freshwater fishing gear.

In addition to promising our customers long-lasting value, Blackfin Rod promotes American-made merchandise for many beneficial reasons. Most importantly, we continue to advocate safe working conditions as well as supporting the domestic economy. In return, Blackfin Rod’s continued efforts to advocate safe conditions for qualified workers.  and decrease an environmental impact. Also, rest assured knowing each purchase ‘Made in the USA’ will lower emissions and lessen your carbon footprint. Make the right choice with Blackfin Rod as your feel-good destination for top-of-the-line saltwater and freshwater fishing rods.

American Made Saltwater Fishing Rods