Our goal at Blackfin Rods is to provide fishermen the finest fishing rods possible. Starting with handcrafted e-glass and carbon blanks Made in the USA in our own Florida facility, our rods are engineered to give the finest performance. Each blank is constructed from a premium resin-impregnated fiberglass material that is manufactured in the United States. Using proprietary patterns, each blank is hand-cut, rolled, and cured on our premises. The completed blanks are carefully inspected for quality before we ever build a rod. We spline each blank during our assembly process so that each rod will bend according to its natural curve. You don’t need to be fighting the rod when you should be fighting the fish!

History of Blackfin Rods

Started in 1997, BlackFin has been in business for more than twenty-four years. We are producing the highest quality fishing rods from an American company, priding itself on hand-crafted fishing rods. This is a process that only a handful of rod manufacturing companies can testify to practicing. Our FIN series utilizes an e-glass material that goes through a multi-stage evolution by our skilled craftsmen and artisans to its completion. Blackfin prides itself on hand-making fishing rods from E-glass blanks to finished products ensuring that a BlackFin Rod will be the most durable on the water. The Fin series has been tested head to head and boasts some of the best rods in the offshore fishing rod market. From the robust durability of our Tuna rods to the sleek, low parabolic characteristic of our Circle Hook rods for Sailfish and Marlin, every BlackFin Rod is designed to meet our professional standards.

Blackfish is hooked on excellence and proud to carry several lines of high-quality handcrafted fishing rods, check out our Fin SeriesPhoenix SeriesPro Pink Series, and the Blackout Series. Our rods are well known, some being used on television shows, and are the perfect fishing rod for all kinds of fishing from swordfish and tuna to marlin and many other fresh and saltwater fish species. 

Hooked On Excellence. 

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