More men have set foot onto the moon than have probed the deepest recesses of our oceans. For the pelagic angler, there is always a worthy quarry to be found inshore and offshore. Anglers from all walks of life and locations venture out with regularity for their next fishing trophy, and many times, they are not 100 percent certain what species of fish will come boat side.

Why do you need a good Gaff?

Gaffs Help Protect Fisherman From Toothy Fish

The chances of what you're catching having very sharp teeth are high. Those species that do not have sharp teeth do not come onto the boat easily. Every good angler worth their salt keeps a gaff on the boat for whatever species surfaces on the end of the line.

Blackfin Rods specialize in high-quality fishing rods for pelagic fish – toothy and not. Their fishing rod and gaff lines expand large freshwater species to enormous saltwater species, and BlackFin Rods carry a line of high-quality gaffs to meet every fisherman’s need. 

Before we discuss the gaff sizes, here is a quick primer on a gaff. A gaff is a big hook designed to grab fish and pull them into the boat quickly and safely. Since so many pelagic fish have teeth or can be dangerous by virtue of their size, gaffing is much safer for the anglers than landing the fish by hand. A high-quality gaff is as vital on a boat as lifejackets.

However, gaffs, like fishing rods, run a gambit of sizes. The Blackfin Rod Company offers three sizes of gaffs with three gaff hook lengths. 

All of our gaffs have the same features:

  • Carbon fiber handle
  • Ultra-sharp point
  • Hook sizes of 2, 3, and 4 inches
  • Gaff lengths of 4, 6, and 8 feet
  • Reinforced grip

Do a bit of math, and the angler has 18 different gaffs to choose from, which brings up the important question – What size gaff do I need?

What Size Gaff Do I Need?

Those who will be fishing primarily inshore and for smaller offshore species can often do well with a four-foot gaff and three-inch hook. The four-foot gaff with the two-inch hook is certainly substantial, but the extra inch of the three-inch gaff provides more insurance in the case of a large fish. Most anglers will keep at least two gaffs on a boat – each with the same length. The four-foot gaff is ideal for all gamefish such as tuna, king mackerel, red snapper, grouper, Mahi Mahi, and some sailfish.

The six-foot gaff and eight-foot gaffs have the same hooks as the four-foot models, but the additional length is often necessary on larger boats with deeper sides. These larger gaffs are necessary to reach over the side of the boat to the fish.

Anglers may feel the longer the gaff, the better, but this is not always the case. Longer gaffs can be cumbersome to handle, particularly because gaffing needs to be done with swift motions – not always feasible with a longer gaff.

The team at Blackfin Rods is always ready to help you make a final decision. Our gaffs are made by the same people who use them regularly. 

Check out our Blackfin Gaffs and contact us if you need assistance selecting a new gaff.

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