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Learning About Musky

Muskellunge, often shortened to Musky, is a species of large freshwater predatory fish native to North America. They are known for the challenge they present to anglers, earning them the nickname "the fish of 10,000 casts." Muskies typically reach lengths of two to four feet and weigh between 15 and 36 pounds, but some have been known to exceed five feet in length and weigh more than 60 pounds.

As the largest member of the Pike family, a Musky holds the same general body shape. They are long and slender with a flat head and mouth filled with dangerously sharp teeth (Don't forget those ultra-protective fishing gloves). Their coloration varies but usually includes a dark back with lighter-colored sides and belly. Many Muskies even have vertical stripes or patterns on their sides.

Every freshwater fisherman hopes to hook a Muskie one day. Their elusive nature makes them alluring to anglers, not to mention their fighting spirit and ability to hop out of the water when hooked. Seen as a trophy for most fishermen who can bring one in, Muskies are great fish to take a picture with, though not many people will bring them home to cook. They are a complicated fish to get just right.

How to Catch Musky

Persistence is key when fishing for Musky. Although you might not bag one today or tomorrow, always keep your eye on the horizon because it didn't get the moniker "fish of 10,000 casts" for nothing. They are primarily ambush predators, which means they wait in the weeds or rocks hiding until their prey comes along and then pounce on it. They also tend to be solitary, so finding one often means you've found a prime spot.

Muskies are usually found in clear, vegetated lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. They are mostly shallow water fish, typically found in depths less than 20 feet, but they can also be found in deeper waters, especially in the heat of summer when they may retreat to cooler, deeper areas.

Due to their size and strength, you'll need sturdy gear to catch a Musky. This includes a heavy-duty rod, a strong braided fishing line (usually 80-pound test or more), and large, durable lures. Popular lure choices include large bucktail spinners, jerk baits, and topwater lures, but you can use live or dead bait, as well. Just make sure to hook the bait at the head because that's where Musky likes to bite their prey.

Best Rod to Catch Musky

As one of the most sought-after freshwater game in North America but also one of the most elusive, it takes the right rod and reel combo to get the job done. You need something durable enough to withstand the intense tug-of-war you'll have with a Musky. Blackfin's resin-impregnated fiberglass rods are built to last, so you won't have any worries of your gear failing you.

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Our series of carbon elite rods are perfect for Musky fishing. They're available in 7- or 7.5-foot heights since you don't need a lot of control in deep waters but you could use the extra casting distance. You'll need some strong line, and our rods can hold anywhere from 10- to 20-pound test line.

Our fishing rods for Musky fishing are specially designed not just to handle fish like Musky, but also to take on anything from sea trout to a large tarpon. No matter what you're fishing for, a Blackfin Rod is the ultimate choice when looking for something durable, lightweight, and powerful.

Additional Equipment for Musky

When you get the rare privilege of reeling in a Musky, you have to capture the moment for everyone back home. Use our camera sticks to document your greatest catch on freshwater. They are compatible with most camera mounts and have an ergonomic handle that will keep you from accidentally dropping it in the water.

Gaffs and camera sticks for Musky

Another useful tool while out on the water is our gaff hooks. Instead of trying to grab a dangerous Musky by hand and pulling it out of the water, a gaff hook gives you the perfect tool to bring the Musky onboard. Otherwise, you risk placing your hands near 500 to 700 razor-sharp teeth. Our selection comes with three different gaff lengths as well as three different hook sizes.

All the gear in the world won't mean anything if you can't take the elements mother nature is throwing at you. Our sister store, Glacier Outdoor, provides the best summer and winter protection for any angler. Sun hoods, sun hats, fingerless gloves, compatible gloves, and more are available to make your fishing trip that much more comfortable.

Why Choose Blackfin Rods

When you're trying to bag a fish that's known for being one of the most elusive freshwater fish in the world, you need a rod you can trust. At Blackfin, we've been producing premium quality rods for over 25 years. We've innovated a hand-crafted method for each rod that ensures the best performance while on the water.

We start with a resin-filled fiberglass blank and hand-cut it to our exact dimensions. Then, we roll it by hand and let it cure in our state-of-the-art facility in Hobe Sound. Each blank goes through a careful inspection before other components are added to make it a world-class fishing rod. We've even kept on a step in our process called splining, which most manufacturers have given up on because of time constraints. The process helps our rods last longer because they bend according to the rod's natural curve.

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Want to learn more about choosing the right fishing rod for you?

Give us a call and speak with one of our rod craftsmen who will help guide you to the perfect Musky rod for your situation. It's what we believe helps set us apart from our competitors and keeps our customers hooked on excellence.

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