Finding the Best Rod for Wahoo

Learning About Wahoo

The Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is a popular game fish found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. It's highly regarded by sports fishermen for its speed, power, and quality of its meat. It's easy to see the allure of a Wahoo after learning of its size. It grows up to eight feet in length and can weigh as much as 180 pounds. Typically sizes range more in the three- to five-foot range with eight to 30 pounds being common.

The Wahoo has a slender, streamlined body built for speed, with a bluish-green back and a silver underside. Fishermen will be able to spot it pretty easily by the blackish-blue vertical bars that run along its sides. The Wahoo has a large mouth with more than 100 razor-sharp teeth it uses for killing prey and a large dorsal fin that stretches about halfway down its body.

Wahoos are well known for the amount of fight they give and their quick speed. The challenge makes it well worth an angler's time to reel one in. Fiesty Wahoo will even jump out of the water when hooked, showing just how much fighting spirit they have. While not popular on menus or in grocery stores, the Wahoo is worth fileting for a meal.

How To Catch Wahoo

The speed of the Wahoo is well documented, and it's why they are such successful predators in the water. Their speed allows them to catch prey quickly, so it's unlikely they will target slower-moving bait fish. For this reason, it's almost always a better option to try a fast trolling method when fishing for Wahoo. They'll strike at high speeds and are typically more active during the day.

Wahoo are known as pelagic fish, so you'll see them up near the surface in the open ocean. Anywhere smaller fish congregate is where you'll find Wahoo, but live and dead bait aren't always the best options. Even though they normally feed on mackerel, squid, mullet, butterfish, and tunny, using a lure is a better option. The aggressive nature of Wahoos means they respond more to a reflective fast moving lure.

High-speed trolling is what you want for Wahoo. Sticking with speeds around eight to 15 knots usually works best since Wahoos are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. You'll definitely want to stick with steel or heavy mono leader to prevent cut-offs. The extremely sharp teeth of a Wahoo make it difficult to catch if you aren't prepared.

Best Fishing Rods to Catch Wahoo

The aggressive nature and incredible speed of Wahoos make it crucial you have a wahoo fishing rod you can rely on. The worst thing that can happen is losing the elusive fish you've been trying to grab for years. Our best rods to catch Wahoo are specially designed to outlast any strong predator in the water.

The open waters of the ocean mean you don't need the tight control or short casting distance of a shorter rod. That's why our fiberglass rods range from six-foot-five to eight feet so you can reach the Wahoos you're fishing for. When you do get one on the line, you'll have plenty of support behind you with rods that support 12 to 20-pound test line. Every style of fishing is represented from bait casting and spinning rods to carbon elite and our ProPink series.

Our hand-curated selection of rods for Wahoos can fit any budget, whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line rod that will handle any situation or a specialized design specific to your needs. Our huge selection of saltwater fishing rods ensures that every fishing connoisseur gets exactly what they're looking for.

Additional Equipment for Wahoo

Even when a Wahoo is right next to the boat, it still doesn't mean you're in the clear. Using Blackfin gaff sticks will get rid of any worries once you easily hook onto it and bring it aboard for pictures. All of our gaff sticks are made with the same durable fiberglass material as our rods. They even have an ergonomic handle that allows for a tight grip for more leverage when taking the fish out of the water.

Camera Sticks and Gaffs

The entire experience of catching a Wahoo is worth celebrating and documenting. To get the perfect picture moment, use our camera sticks with a compatible mount. Attach your camera and let go of the fear that it will drop into the ocean without you holding on for dear life. You'll get a choice between four, six, and eight feet so you can have the exact amount of control and angle you need for the perfect shot.

Your gear will keep a Wahoo from escaping your grasp, but only the right apparel will keep you in the game long enough to catch one. Check out Glacier Outdoor for all the weather protection you need to be comfortable out at sea. Sun hoods and sun hats protect from the harsh sun rays while fingerless gloves and compatible gloves will keep your hands functional during winter.

Why Choose Blackfin Rods

Since 1997, our team has been dedicated to innovating and developing the best fishing rods for saltwater and freshwater on the market. Our series of classic rods have been used by thousands of anglers all over the world to catch some of the biggest and strongest fish on the planet.

The real difference is in the care we put towards our products. Each blank we start with is made from resin-impregnated fiberglass and then hand-cut, rolled, and cured in our state-of-the-art facility in Hobe Sound. The proprietary techniques and patterns we use are what separates us from all others. We carefully inspect each blank before it's transformed into the high-performing rod our customers love.

We've even kept around an industry-old secret called splining that uses the rod's natural curves to help when bending. It keeps your rod lasting longer and is a method most other manufacturers have given up on because of the time it takes. Send a message to our team if you have any questions or need any help finding the right rod for you. We know when you find one, you'll get hooked on excellence.


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