Captain Bouncer Smith, now retired, spent more than fifty years as a fishing guide on the east coast of Florida including the Florida Keys and the Bahamas Islands. He is widely considered one of the world's most accomplished fishermen. His years of experience on the water have resulted in some of the most remarkable adventures imaginable! Captain Bouncer’s guests have over 70 world records and has accepted major awards from the IGFA, The Billfish Foundation, and more!

Q: Where do you spend most of your time fishing?

A: Miami Beach, Florida

Q: What type of fishing do you practice?

A: Sailfish, Swordfish, Tarpon, and all the other thrilling fish that share their ocean.

Q: How long have you been fishing for?

A: Full time — 52 years!

Q: How did you get started fishing?

A: I have loved fishing since I was about 5 years old. I moved to Miami, FL in 1956 and caught my first sailfish in 1957. I have been charter fishing since 1966, and I still love every day on the water. My clients, the fish, and the challenges of getting them together is my driving force!

Q: Why do you partner with Blackfin?

A: We have a lot of great mutual friends!

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  • Nicest man. Even tossed me a sword steak once at the dock.

    - John Cerreta

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