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Captain Scott Fawcett has become one of the top ranked captains in Florida. His knack for finding fish and then staying with them has paid big dividends for anglers lucky enough to fish with Fawcett. His humble demeanor on the dock is a contrast to his focused business-like approach to keeping his anglers in the bite.

Q: Where do you spend most of your time fishing?

A: I fish primarily in Stuart FL. In the summertime, I spend a lot of weekends fishing in Virginia Beach, Ocean City, and the Oregon Inlet.

Q: What type of fishing do you practice?

A: I practice Saltwater fishing, both shore and offshore. I do a lot of light tackle fishing.

Q: How long have you been fishing for?

A: I just recently renewed my Captain’s license after 15 years of practice and I have been fishing 13-14 years before that!

Q: How did you get started fishing?

A: I started fishing at a very young age with my family. My dad was my primary teacher. I fished throughout my entire childhood. Once I turned 14, 1 started fishing for people around my hometown. Since then, I never stopped.

Q: Why do you partner with Blackfin?

A: I have partnered with Blackfin since the beginning. I love that they are local. They have always built the best blanks and rods, so I keep coming back!

Q: How can we reach you?

A: (772)-285- 1055 | | OFF THE CHAIN |

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