Sailfish owns the title as the fastest fish in the ocean reaching top speeds of up to 1110 km/hr. Cousins to both swordfish and marlins, the sailfish is easy to spot because of its dorsal fin that stands up and looks huge. The all-tackle world record for sailfish caught in the Pacific ocean was caught in Ecuador in 1947, weighing in at 221 pounds. The Record for the Atlantic is 142 pounds 5 ounces. It was caught in 2014 in Angola. Sailfish tend to live offshore, but near coastal waters or over deeper reefs.

Sailfish are most often thought of as a sportfish in the US because the federal regulation is generally catch-and-release only. If you want to keep a sailfish, in the Florida area you must possess a Highly Migratory Species (HMS) vessel permit AND report your sailfish landings by phone to (800)894-5528. The size limit for sailfish is 63 inches and is measured from the lower jaw to the fork of the tail. The Florida daily bag limit for sailfish is one per person.

Sailfish are Amazingly Fast

Because of their speed, sailfish can be very hard to catch. They are also difficult to hook successfully due to their large hard bills. Fisherman use many different fishing presentations, with the most popular options being: cigar minnows, large pilchards, threadfin herring, blue runners, google-eyes, and speedos. Once you do manage to hook a sailfish, prepare for the fight of your life, they will give you all they have!

Sailfish can be eaten and the flavor is described as similar to tuna and is similarly firm and meaty in texture. Many people agree that sailfish has a stronger fish flavor, so it is often enjoyed either smoked or grilled.

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